Recently added games

LEGO JunkbotAug 18, 2012

Move the LEGO bricks to remove obstacles and create paths for Junkbot to reach his goal. Avoid hazards and dangerous robots!

People PowerAug 8, 2012

People Power is about politics, about strategy and about social change. The game simulates nonviolent struggles to win freedom and secure human rights against a variety of adversaries.

EludeAug 8, 2012

Elude aims to raise awareness for depression and to inform about this dangerous illness by portraying depression metaphorically.

Virtuo Sport SummerAug 8, 2012

Virtuo Sport Summer is an online edutainment game that combines 3 adventure sports into one: kayaking, mountain biking and climbing.

Reading: Chute ShuffleMay 28, 2012

Arrange words to form sentences.

Managing Money: Mad MoneyMay 28, 2012

Learn to save to get what you want.

Math/Time: Stop the ClockMay 28, 2012

Read an alaog clock. Change digital to analog readout.

Science: Day and NightMay 28, 2012

See how day and night hapen

Science: Engine SimulatorMay 28, 2012

See how an internal combuston engine works.

Math: The Multiplication GameMay 28, 2012

Play against the computer to see who can multiply to get four in a row.