Recently added games

The ChallengeJul 29, 2013
Physics: Waste of SpaceJul 28, 2013

Pilot a star ship and master the physics of space travel as you rack up points.

Physics/Simple Machines: SlinkyballJul 28, 2013

Solve simple physics problems by adding and moving pieces to get the ball into the bin.

Critial Thinking: AfterlandAug 25, 2012

Afterland is a side-scrolling 2D platformer that immerses the player in a world out of time.

Engineering: Racing AcademyAug 25, 2012

Prototype for a massively multiplayer online (MMO) engineering and racing car

Nutrition: Hungry Red PlanetAug 25, 2012

Focuses on the importance of nutrition and healthy eating. Players go on a mission to help build a colony on Mars by distributing healthy food.

Biology: Froguts Virtual DissectionsAug 25, 2012

Delivers key biology concepts, using audio narration, captioned text, and realistic 3-D simulation.

Social Studies: Food Force 2Aug 25, 2012

Food Force 2 uses an intriguing story to raise awareness about hunger-related problems in developing nations.

CombiformAug 21, 2012

Combiform is a new gaming console featuring 4 combinable controllers. The console will deliver a series of easy to understand, highly social games.

Belter AsteroidsAug 18, 2012

A strategic variation on the classic Asteroids arcade game. Control your ship in zero-gravity, collect power-ups, and destroy different types of asteroids.