Recently added games

Social Studies: Guess My RaceAug 9, 2013

A game about the complex issues of race, diversity, ethnicity, religion, nationality, class, and culture.

Social Studies: The Cat and the CoupAug 9, 2013

Political coup in Iran in 1953.

Financial Literacy: Farm BlitzAug 9, 2013

Create good savings habits and avoid the pitfalls of too much debt.

Social Studies: The CurfewAug 8, 2013

A game about how the future can go wrong if we are not vigilant.

Social Studies: Inside the Haiti Earthquake - DisasterAug 8, 2013

A game about what it feels like to be in a major disaster, as a survivor, aid worker and journalist.

Environment: Fate of the World: Tipping PointAug 7, 2013

Fate of the World is a PC strategy game that simulates the real social and environmental impact of global climate change over the next 200 years. A 2011 Games for Change Festival Winner.

Social Studies: EVOKEAug 7, 2013

Network with others to find creative solutions t world problems. Funded by the World Bank Institute.

English/Information Literacy: AdmongoAug 7, 2013

A game to understand advertising, from the FTC.

Behavior/Conflict Resolution: Cool SchoolAug 6, 2013

A game that teaches conflict resolution skills i.e. teaches K-2 kids how to not fight. The game is set in a fantastic school where all of the objects come to life, depicting conflicts facing children every day.

Math/Physics: Flying PigsAug 6, 2013

Is using math better than guessing? See which gets you a higher score.